Thank you!

Behind every successful event are a team of people who make it happen. We would like to thank all the people who helped make Avonwick and North Huish's Jubilee Celebrations a success.

In no particular order...

  • The Trustees of the Village Hall Land and North Huish Parish Council for the use of the site and special permission to host the dog show.
  • Avonvale Tennis and Croquet Club for the use of their lavatories and car park.
  • District Councillor Guy Pannell for a grant of £100 towards insurance for the event.
  • Nikki Jarvis, Barbara Heatley (Madame Esmerelda!), Diane Millman, Helen Millman, Richard Cooper and Tristram Grevatt for planning the event.
  • Darren Jarvis, Cameron Jarvis, Yvonne Jennings, Phil Sadler, Marylin Sadler, Dawn Bishop, Paul Bishop, Marigold Seager-Berry and Janette Hockett for their help on site.
  • Gemma Stockford for the music.
  • David and Liz Gabriel, with Caroline Stradling, for organising the dog show.
  • David and Simone Jeffery for the loan of their gazebos.
  • Laura Cooper for her tail-less Corgi.
  • The Avonwick and North Huish Community Hall Project for the loan of the tea tent.
  • Diptford Church for the loan of their tea urn and Very Large Teapots.
  • Margot and Derrick Goodall for the use of their electricity.
  • Rob and Christopher Steer for the use of a field for parking, and Rob Steer for fencing the Play Area and transporting our chairs.
  • Doug King Smith for the storage and transport of the tea tent.

And everyone who donated raffle prizes, cakes and bottles, and everyone who came to enjoy the afternoon.

Thank you to all of you!